Our commitment

Our commitment

        Vietnam Central Highlands is famous not only in Vietnam but also over the world for industrial plants and millions of hectares of pristine forest, which bring fertile red basalt soils to highlands.

        Every year, this area supplies the world with millions of tons of Coffee, Rubber, Cashew nuts. Specially, all kinds of plants usually interspersed with bloom and fructification.

        Coffee gardens filled with white blooms, or vast green rubber forests are dropping resin from tip of their leaves, and many other plants blooming throughout the year. This attracted a lot of bees coming here to suck the most delicious honey of nature for their beehives.

        The essence is selected by beekeepers to turn into products which is served for human health. Highlands can be said not only famous for industrial plants products, the specific cultures of the indigenous people here, but also quintessential products from bees (that are) contributing to embellish the reputation of a natural resources and environment land.

        Honey is used as a natural remedy which consists of 80% sugars. They exist below its active form without metabolism that body can absorb directly.

        Moreover, honey has vitamins, protein… that are good for digestion, nutrient absorption, which are valuable nutrient source.

        So honey is an unique nutritional foods Which is roots’ natural forms. Those Who  use honey regularly will possess a strong healthy body, prevent the body from some common diseases. As a result,  they will be more confident. Honey is worth valuable gifts from  nature.

        In addition, When you come to Vietnam Central Highlands, you can enjoy the wild beauty of the forest on elephant’s back, indulge in listening the rhythm of local people’s Gong next to the flickering flames. Please do not forget our honey, a natural product has  maded the regional characteristics of Vietnam Central Highlands.

        Ban Me Thuot honeybee JSC is commited to bringing the precious gift from nature to you with best quality and service.

        Please call or send email to us. We are happy to serve you.




Address: 31 – 33 Ly Thai To Street, Buon Ma Thuot City, Daklak Province, Vietnam

Factory: Hoa Khanh Commune, Buon Ma Thuot City, Daklak Province, Vietnam

Tel: (84) 0262.3876666 – Fax: (84) 0262.3876933


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