Black curcuma honey

- Black curcuma honey is a product that is prepared by applying an heirloom recipe mixing honey with fine curcuma caesia and cinnamon powder, pollen, and fresh ginger juice.

- The curcuma caesia consists of 3.5% mucus, resin, and 1-1.5% essential oils containing mainly Cesquiterpen alcohol (48%), Zingibezen (35%,), Cinecol (9.6), alpha pipene, D-camphen, D-campho, and D-bornecol.

Liên hệ ngay

- Pure Honey: 50%
- Curcuma caesia:49%
The combination of curcuma caesia with honey results in preventive and therapeutic effect of  stomach ailments (ulcers, stomach ache), gastrointestinal infection, healing wounds, improving blood, enhancing vitality, making skin ruddy.
Suggested use:
- Oral use.
- 10-15 tablets of black curcuma honey should be taken before meals about 15 minutes;3 times per day.
Storage condition: Store in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight.
Expiry of use: 18 months from manufacturing date.
Availability: Black curcuma honey packed in glass jars of 120g or 250g, box of 24 jars.