Thanks to antibacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties etc, together with many essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, sweet taste as well as characteristic aroma, honey has become a precious food and medicine used in many areas of life. From the kitchen corners of housewives to pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food factories.

     For thousands of years, honey has been used a lot, but still in the form of raw honey; the liquid state makes honey difficult in the course of transportation and preservation. In addition, its high viscosity makes it difficult to combine honey in processing and production. Honey powder is an effective solution to overcome these problems.

Honey - a precious food and medicine (Photo from Internet)


     Through the pandemic period, people are paying more and more attention to healthy lifestyle, using natural products that are good for their health and environmentally Friendly. Realizing this essential need of consumers, factories producing milk, nutritious cereals, confectionery, food, beverages, etc. are tending to use honey and honey powder to replace sugar in processing and production recipes. However, currently most of honey powder is imported from abroad at quite high price, leading to an increase in product price. After nearly a year of investment in research and testing, our company has successfully produced the product "Ban Me Thuot Honey Powder".

     Ban Me Thuot Honey Powder is produced from pure honey that meets export standards to the US, EU, Japan, etc using advanced technology with a closed production process and strict quality control. Honey powder retains the inherent delicious taste of pure honey and can revert to the orginal state of natural honey when dissolved with a sufficient amount of water.

Honey Poweder (a illustration)


     Ban Me Thuot honey powder can be used:

     • In food and beverage industry: Honey powder is used as a sweetening and flavoring ingredient for confectionery, ice cream, milk, and sauces etc.

     • In the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry: Inheriting the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties of honey, honey powder is used in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

     • In daily life: Instead of sugar, honey powder is used to sweeten drinks such as tea, juice, etc. as well as to sprinkle on smoothies, yogurt, etc. Especially it is used in baking recipes, marinating grilled dishes.

     It is not difficult for you to find Honey Powder products on sales websites. However, you may hesitate to order due to their expensiveness because most of them are imported. Proud to be the pioneering company to launch Honey Powder produced right in Vietnam or "100% made in Vietnam". With the ability to produce and supply large quantities, long-term stable quality, the product will bring you satisfaction at an extremely competitive price.

     Should you be interested in Honey powder, please leave your information or directly contact us for advice and trail product.